What is a chess notebook?

A chess notebook simply is a way to write down your chess position, games, openings, endgames...

The purpose of the tool you just found is to enable to write text and complete it with the picture of chessboards! After figuring out that there did not exist such simple tools, I decided to develop this one.

With this, you can modify the chessboard on the left hand side, draw arrows, add pieces... And import the various position in the text edition area on the right hand side. Then, after the PDF export you will be able to dowload it, read it, read it again, even offline!

You can start using it by clicking here! More information is given in the how to use tab. An example of the Traxler counter attack can be downloaded here!

Opening repertoire

An opening repertoire is simply a sequence of moves and replies to the opponent move that you feel comfortable with.

Writing an opening repertoire can be difficult. Your repertoire should be adapted to your level.